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Saturday, July 30, 2016

What Makes People Feel Upbeat at Work - The New Yorker


















"There was, of course, a perfectly sound legal reason for this seemingly odd decision. The ruling was the culmination of a series of charges that had been brought against the company in the course of several years, during which the N.L.R.B. struck down multiple T-Mobile policies that appeared to hamper union organization and other, more benign efforts to discuss employment practices. The wording in the employee manual regarding the ‘positive work environment,’ the board held, was ‘ambiguous and vague’ enough to have a chilling effect on the right of employees to speak freely and to organize, rights guaranteed under the National Labor Relations Act. Because the ‘positive work environment’ was never explicitly described, workers would have to err on the side of over-sensitivity—steering clear of ‘potentially controversial but protected communication in the workplace,’ as the ruling put it—lest they be punished."

(Via.)  What Makes People Feel Upbeat at Work - The New Yorker:

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