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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The 'real Americans' who made Trump GOP nominee















"But for many others, my view of America isn't something they agree with. For them, an American is very distinct kind of individual. First of all, white. That's really important to them. But also this real American has a certain ethos, analogous to a combination of the Marlboro Man, John Wayne, and Al Bundy topped off with a ladle full of Lawrence Welk. Real Americans have lost their voice and they need a leader. 
Donald Trump is the man they chose to speak for them as he is a real American who shares their values. I believe we, the not-real Americans, should believe the real ones and respect their choice. Donald Trump speaks for them. Donald Trump represents them. Donald Trump is their leader, never to be owned by the rest of us.
As we head towards the November election we should remember the people who will vote for Donald Trump and everything he stands for: White Supremacy. Male dominance. Authoritarianism. "Real Americans" will vote for that."

The 'real Americans' who made Trump GOP nominee: ""


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