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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Islamophobes, White Supremacists, and Gays for Trump—the Alt-Right Arrives at the RNC | The Nation

















" At the self-described ‘most fab party at the RNC’ Tuesday night, Islamophobe provocateur Pamela Geller, not renowned as a stand-up comedian, opened with a joke.

‘A jihadi walks into a bar. The bartender says ‘What’ll you have?’ The jihadi says: ‘Shots for everyone!’’

The friendly crowd guffawed, then leaned in for one of Geller’s trademark anti-Islam stemwinders. But there was a twist. In a tank top adorned with a rainbow and the words ‘Love wins,’ Geller came to join gay conservative, anti-feminist bad boy Milo Yiannopoulos in launching a new alliance, uniting gays and right-wing, anti-Muslim activists (Yiannopoulos is both). In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, they think it’s a natural. Killer Omar Mateen claimed the shooting as a blow for ISIS, though it probably had more to do with his own tortured sexual identity and history of mental problems than with his Muslim background. But Tuesday night’s event denounced the liberal establishment that one speaker claimed ‘cares more about the rights of Muslims than murdered gay people.’ Orlando, this alliance argues, was just the first shot in a coming Muslim crusade against LGBT Americans, and gays should know who their real allies are. To Geller and Yiannopoulous, they include Donald Trump, the man Yiannopolous playfully calls ‘Daddy.’


(Via.)   Islamophobes, White Supremacists, and Gays for Trump—the Alt-Right Arrives at the RNC | The Nation:

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