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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Countdown: here’s how Hillary Clinton clinches the democratic nomination over the next week By Bill Palmer | May 30, 2016






"The total delegate count is still not quite in agreement. For instance CNN and the Associated Press both agree that Hillary needs another 73 delegates in order to mathematically clinch the nomination, whereas other news outlets have slightly different totals; our own in-house estimate is 69 delegates. But the number doesn’t have to be exact for these purposes, because the math of the next eight days will be rather straightforward.

Clinton will pick up three to five more delegates in the Virgin Islands on June 4th. Then she’ll pick up perhaps 30 to 35 delegates in Puerto Rico on June 5th. That will put her in a position of needing approximately 40 more delegates heading into June 7th, a day when several states will vote. The first to close its polls will be New Jersey. Hillary will need to win no more than around one-third of its delegates to pick up what she needs in order to mathematically clinch the nomination."


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