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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Obama, at Selma Memorial, Says, ‘We Know the March Is Not Over Yet’

"In an address at the scene of what became known as “Bloody Sunday,” Mr. Obama rejected the notion that race relations have not improved since then, despite the string of police shootings that have provoked demonstrations. “What happened in Ferguson may not be unique,” he said, “but it’s no longer endemic. It’s no longer sanctioned by law or custom, and before the civil rights movement, it most surely was.”

But the president also rejected the notion that racism has been defeated. “We don’t need the Ferguson report to know that’s not true,” he said. “We just need to open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to know that this nation’s racial history still casts its long shadow upon us. We know the march is not over yet, we know the race is not yet won. We know reaching that blessed destination where we are judged by the content of our character requires admitting as much.”

International Outcry After ISIS Reportedly Destroys Nimrud Archeological Site


Friday, March 06, 2015

City of Ferguson names two police officers who resigned Thursday over racist emails.

Job Growth Was Fantastic Last Month. So Why Aren’t Wages Rising More? -

irst the good news. The American job market has truly, really, finally, unquestionably shifted into a higher gear.
The 295,000 jobs the nation added in February was comfortably above expectations, drove the unemployment rate down two-tenths of a percentage point to 5.5 percent, and completed the best stretch for job creation in nearly 15 years. Over the last six months, the nation has added just shy of 300,000 jobs a month, the strongest number since the six months ended in March 2000.
This time a year ago, the economy was locked in a yearslong tepid recovery that involved adding 2 to 2.5 million jobs a year. That has now hit 3.3 million, and will soon hit 3.5 million if this pace of job growth keeps up. This is pretty terrific news by any standard.

Job Growth Was Fantastic Last Month. So Why Aren’t Wages Rising More? -

Sunday, March 01, 2015


"MOSCOW (AP) — For the tens of thousands bearing flowers and tying black ribbons to railings in honor of slain Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, the solemn march through the Moscow drizzle on Sunday was a time for silence, not slogans.

The marchers occasionally broke into chants of "Russia without Putin," or "Say no to war," but often the only sound was the steady thwack of police helicopters overhead or the hum of police boats patrolling the shores of the Moscow River.

While the killing of Nemtsov has shaken the Russian opposition, which sees the Kremlin as responsible, it is unclear whether his death will be enough to invigorate the beleaguered movement. Despite the Ukraine conflict and Russia's economic crisis, support for President Vladimir Putin has been above 80 percent in the past year."