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Thursday, November 25, 2010

SKorea's defense chief resigns after NKorean attack | KREM 2 News | | When it Matters Most | World News

SKorea's defense chief resigns after NKorean attack

EONPYEONG ISLAND, South Korea (AP) — South Korea's president has ordered more troops to a front-line island and dumped his defense minister as the country tries to address lapses in its response to a deadly North Korean artillery strike.
Dazed residents of Yeonpyeong island have been foraging through blackened rubble in scenes reminiscent of the Korean War 60 years ago. Tuesday's artillery barrage darkened skies, set off fierce blazes, killed four South Koreans and raised fears of an escalation that could lead to full-scale war. One resident describes the scene as "a sea of fire" with flames rolling through the streets.
The island is home to military bases as well as a fishing community famous for its catches of crab. It lies just seven miles from North Korea, but had only six pieces of artillery.
North Korea has warned that any new provocation will be met with more attacks. But Washington and Seoul are pushing ahead with plans for military drills starting Sunday. They'll involved a nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier in waters south of this week's skirmish.
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