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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reid, Angle Trade Barbs In Nevada Senate Debate : NPR

Reid, Angle Trade Barbs In Nevada Senate Debate : NPR
n a crackling campaign debate, Republican challenger Sharron Angle attacked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday night as a career politician who lives in a fashionable Washington condominium and has voted to raise taxes 300 times. The four-term veteran called his party-backed rival extreme and accused her of distorting his record.
"My opponent favors big banks, she's against Wall Street reform," Reid said, adding that her views are sympathetic to big health insurance companies.
Angle played the aggressor from the opening moments of the hour-long debate, at one point taunting him to "man up Harry Reid" as she urged him to concede that Social Security faces financial difficulty.
Across a stage at a local PBS station, there was little or nothing the two agreed on — not taxes, not health care, immigration, energy policy or federal spending.
Reid took aim at Angle's statement that it's not the job of a senator to create jobs. "What she's talking about is extreme," he said.
"Harry Reid, it's not your job to create jobs," she replied sharply. "It's your job to create policy" that leads to the creation of jobs.
With their debate, Reid and his challenger shared a local stage and a national spotlight, the only joint appearance of a campaign pitting the embodiment of the Democratic establishment against a challenger who was little known outside Nevada before winning the nomination in an upset.

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