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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McAdams, Murkowski And Miller Are Battling : NPR

McAdams, Murkowski And Miller Are Battling : NPR
Miller, a 43-year-old veteran and father of eight, now finds himself locked in a three-way race that is too close to call.
The former government lawyer-turned-limited-government proponent made the national cable television rounds, accusing President Obama of moving the country toward "socialism" and criticizing what he characterized as the country's expanding "entitlement state."
But a fierce and extremely well-funded general election write-in campaign by Murkowski, revelations about Miller's past, and his own series of recent missteps — including his "guards" handcuffing a reporter attempting to question the candidate after a public forum — have clouded the West Point graduate's once-rosy Election Day fortunes.
Polls show Miller, endorsed in the primary by former Gov. Sarah Palin, in a neck-and-neck battle with the more moderate Murkowski, 53. Pollsters caution, however, that polling a race with a write-in candidate is dicey at best.
Democratic nominee Scott McAdams, 40, Sitka's mayor, continues to trail the two battling Republicans, but has picked up support in recent weeks. That has prompted some party members to dare to dream that they could pick off an Alaska Senate seat for only the second time in more than three decades. (The state hasn't had a Democratic U.S. House member since 1972, and has voted for the Republican presidential candidate since 1964.)
"Joe Miller is on a downward trajectory," says Anchorage-based pollster Ivan Moore, noting that the surprise nominee has gone from the pick of 50 percent of Alaskans surveyed in August, to the one preferred by abut 35 percent this month.
"He got a free ride through the primary," Moore says, "because neither voters nor the media perceived that he'd win."
But Miller's Alaska supporters, including former Republican National Committee member Debbie Joslin, say that party members remain excited about the candidate.

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