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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuomo Far Ahead in Race for Governor, Poll Finds -

Cuomo Far Ahead in Race for Governor, Poll Finds -
New York voters are profoundly pessimistic about the state economy, worried that they or someone in their household will be laid off in the coming year, and convinced that Albany is rife with corruption.
But in the race for governor, they are rallying not around the gruff outsider who has promised to take a baseball bat to Albany, but around an insider who has spent much of his adult life working in government: Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.
A New York Times poll found that Mr. Cuomo has opened a big lead over Carl P. Paladino, drawing 59 percent of likely voters to his Republican rival’s 24 percent.
New Yorkers’ embrace of Mr. Cuomo stands in vivid contrast to many races around the country, where establishment candidates face steep climbs to re-election and insurgents backed by Tea Party activists appear poised to win a significant number of seats in Congress.
The two men, along with five minor party candidates, will appear Monday evening in the first debate of the campaign. Mr. Cuomo’s popularity appears to be fueled in part by widespread doubts about Mr. Paladino’s temperament and qualifications.
Some 59 percent of voters in the poll said that Mr. Paladino did not have the right temperament and personality to be a good governor, while 55 percent said that Mr. Paladino, a novice candidate who made millions as a real estate developer, did not have the right kind of experience.

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