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Sunday, September 19, 2010

With Revelations of Debt, Georgia Governor’s Race Evens Up -

With Revelations of Debt, Georgia Governor’s Race Evens Up -
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — At a paper-plate luncheon for lawyers and judges on Friday, Nathan Deal, the Republican nominee for governor of Georgia, searched for a metaphor that would resonate. He wanted to describe how it feels to run a major campaign, especially amid revelations last week that he is facing more than $5 million of debt and may need to sell his house to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure.
“What’s it like?” he asked rhetorically, standing in a century-old courtroom in this Atlanta suburb. “It’s like being in a trial that is contentious, doesn’t have weekends off and lasts for over a year and a half.”
In his analogy, the jurors determining his fate would be Georgia voters, who must decide in November whether to stand by Mr. Deal, a former nine-term congressman, despite revelations about his worsening financial situation.
On Wednesday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Mr. Deal, 68, owed $2.3 million to a bank, after having invested in his daughter’s sporting goods store, which went out of business last year. On Thursday, The Associated Press added to the campaign’s troubles, reporting that Mr. Deal also owed $2.85 million on loans for an automobile salvage business he co-owns.
None of the debts were included in filings that the Deal campaign released before the Republican primary runoff in August, which Mr. Deal won by less than 1 percent of the vote.
The back-to-back disclosures have upended an election that had been considered reasonably easy for Republicans. Georgia is so reliably conservative — with a Republican governor, two Republican senators and Republican control of the state legislature — that Mr. Deal’s Democratic opponent, former Gov. Roy E. Barnes, declined even to meet President Obama when he visited the state last month.

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  1. This is a fine blog of the news in the Atlanta. This is showing the relevations of debt and also Georgia Governor’s race evens up.