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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BBC News - Iraq 'independent' as US combat operations end

Nouri al-Maliki meets with George W. Bush.Image via WikipediaBBC News - Iraq 'independent' as US combat operations end
Iraq's prime minister has said the country is "independent" as the US formally ends combat operations.
Nouri Maliki said the country's security forces would now deal with all threats, domestic or other.
US Vice-President Joe Biden is in Iraq on an unannounced visit ahead of the official end of the mission, at midnight (2100 GMT) on Tuesday.
In the US, President Barack Obama is due to deliver a televised address about Iraq to the American people.
"Iraq today is sovereign and independent," Mr Maliki told Iraqis in a televised address.
"Our security forces will take the lead in ensuring security and safeguarding the country and removing all threats that the country has to weather, internally or externally."

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