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Monday, May 03, 2010

Arizona Targets Teachers with Accents, Ethnic Studies Programs

Arizona Targets Teachers with Accents, Ethnic Studies Programs: "

On the heels of its controversial new legislation to curb illegal immigration into the state, Arizona now seems to be targeting immigrant teachers and ethnic studies programs on college campuses.

The Arizona Department of Education recently began ordering school districts to bar teachers who speak accented or ungrammatical English from classes containing English Language Learners. The move comes after the state specifically recruited teachers from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries in the 1990s, when Arizona schools allowed Spanish-speaking children to be taught in their native language. In 2000, Arizonans voted that all students be taught exclusively in English. Never mind the vast amount of research suggesting that the more literate students are in their native language the more literate they will be in English or any other new language. Read more...

(Via About Race Relations.)

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