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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arizona bans 'ethnic studies'

Arizona bans 'ethnic studies': "Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signs a bill that targets Chicano studies programs in Tuscon.

(Via POLITICO Top Stories.)

Is Arizona becoming the Mississippi (pre-1970s) of the 21st Century?   When will the Republican leadership there wake up and smell the coffee?  America, including Arizona, is a multicultural country whether they like it or not.  This ban pulls the white sheet off of any claim that the recent legislation, signed by the Arizona governor, was solely aimed at illegal immigration.  This ban is directed at the teaching of the culture of a significant portion of the Arizona population.  This ban is an attack on Hispanic culture by those who seek political profit by mongering to one of the worst insecurities of our society.  The fear that America is being taken over by "the others".  The "Birther Movement"  and the "Tea Party Movement" are also playing to these fears.  The irony here is that Arizona only became a state in 1912.   Arizonans and their forebears were immigrants, excepting the native American population.   This is all about cultural hegemony, not simply immigration.

This ban on teaching ethnic studies is despicable. It is not American.  We are a nation of immigrants. What will come next, book burnings?

John H. Armwood

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