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Saturday, February 04, 2006

CBS 46 Atlanta - Long Weekend for Campbell Jury

CBS 46 Atlanta - Long Weekend for Campbell JuryLong Weekend for Campbell Jury
Feb 3, 2006, 04:35 PM

ATLANTA (AP) -- Jurors in the federal corruption trial of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell are getting a three-day weekend with the trial set to resume Monday.

The head of an engineering firm has testified that his company paid 400-thousand dollars to a close friend of former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell to win a four-point-four million dollar contract.

Bert Timmerman of Eco-Tech testified that Fred Prewitt told him he needed funds to keep his relationship with the mayor and the mayor's office. Timmerman testified yesterday that he channeled money from his contracts to Prewitt, who then passed it to the mayor.

The prosecution played an FBI tape recording of a December 20th, 1999, telephone phone conversation between Timmerman and Prewitt about a contract to provide filtration equipment for a city water plant.

Timmerman testified that he was prompted by the FBI to lure Prewitt into linking Campbell to the 400-thousand dollars.

Campbell's defense attorneys successfully kept the prosecution from giving a more thorough explanation of what was happening in the phone call, including veiled references to what may have happened to the money.

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