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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

CBS 46 Atlanta - Atlanta Mayor Franklin wins re-election

CBS 46 Atlanta - Atlanta Mayor Franklin wins re-electionAtlanta Mayor Franklin wins re-election
Nov 8, 2005, 11:09 PM

ATLANTA (AP) -- Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin won re-election to a second term on Tuesday, another seal of approval of the city's first woman mayor.

Running against minor candidates, Franklin had more than 90 percent of the vote Tuesday night with about one-third of the precincts counted.

Franklin believes there is still room for improvement in the way the city is run. She wants to focus on fine-tuning the budget, decreasing homelessness, increasing job opportunities by 60,000 and finishing the expansion of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

"I think there will be a resurgence in Atlanta," she said.

The proposed Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal is part of a broader expansion project at the airport that includes a fifth runway. It was originally supposed to open next year, but has been pushed back several times.

"A lot of the things that I really wanted to accomplish were five-year plans," Franklin said. "It was all in hopes that I served more than four years."

Franklin has concentrated on previously sidetracked issues, such as the decaying sewers and bringing the business community back into the city as a force.

"Atlanta has great expectations and I've followed them," she said. "I've kept focusing on the day-to-day issues since I've been in the office."

In 2001, Franklin was elected and replaced two-term Mayor Bill Campbell, whose administration was plagued by legal issues and ultimately was the subject of a federal investigation.

She overcame a huge budget deficit with the help of a sales tax increase and helped bring credibility back to City Hall.

The 60-year-old Franklin previously held top administrative posts under Maynard Jackson, the city's first black mayor, and under former Mayor Andrew Young.

Later, she was the top-ranking woman executive on the committee that put on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Some see her in higher office, with governor or the U.S. Senate being mentioned as possibilities.

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