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Friday, August 05, 2005

Xinhua - English

Xinhua - EnglishChina asks G4 to withdraw UN reform proposal 2005-08-05 11:16:39

BEIJING, Aug. 5 -- China's Ambassador to the United Nations is asking Japan, Germany, India and Brazil to withdraw their plan on UN Security Council reform after the so-called Group of Four's compromise proposal is rejected by African countries.

Leaders of the 53-member African Union leaders meeting in Ethiopia voted to ratify their own plan for reforming the council rather than endorse an alternative proposal from the G4.

Commenting on the outcome of the AU summit, Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya said Thursday at UN headquarters in New York City that it indicated clearly that the G-4 proposal is unpopular with the UN membership and can not garner the support of a two-thirds majority of the UN member states.

Without the support of African nations, if the G-4 puts its draft resolution to a vote, they would certainly be defeated, he warned, adding that they should withdraw the measure.

The senior Chinese diplomat also said the United States and China have agreed to work together to block the G4 plan. He said the consensus was reached during his meeting with his new US counterpart John Bolton on Tuesday.

He stressed that the G-4's proposal, if being implemented, would certainly damage the authority and effectiveness of the 15-nation council, the most powerful UN organ.

The G4 plan calls for 10 new members, made up of six permanent members without veto powers -- four for themselves and two for Africa -- and another four seats rotating for two-year terms.

The council's current 15 seats include 10 chosen by regions who rotate for two-year terms and five permanent members with veto power: the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain.

G-4 has been pushing for a vote by the General Assembly on its resolution before September, when world leaders will gather in New York for a UN summit to approve a package of proposals to reform the UN.


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