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Thursday, July 21, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | London attackers 'meant to kill'

BBC NEWS | UK | London attackers 'meant to kill' London attackers 'meant to kill'
The people behind the latest attack in London meant to kill, the head of the Metropolitan Police has said.

But Sir Ian Blair said: "The important point is that the intention of the terrorists has failed."

Attempts were made to set off explosives at four locations, including three Tube stations and on one bus.

Mayor Ken Livingstone said it was not surprising London had been attacked a fortnight after 56 people died, adding: "We will get through this."

Police sources say the blasts may have been near simultaneous and that they are being linked with the 7 July bombs.

They say a number of fugitives are being sought. Two people have been arrested in Whitehall.

Story from BBC NEWS:

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