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Thursday, March 10, 2005

BBC> Jackson accuser tells of 'abuse'

The teenage boy accusing Michael Jackson of sexually molesting him has been describing how and when the alleged abuse took place.
Gavin Arvizo, 15, told the jury in Santa Maria that he was abused in the pop star's bedroom at his ranch.
Mr Jackson arrived an hour late to his trial, wearing pyjamas and slippers and complaining of back pain.
The angered judge had threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest unless he arrived within an hour.
In a statement, Michael Jackson's defence said that Mr Jackson had been taken to a hospital for treatment for a severe back problem after tripping and falling over while getting dressed.
'Jesus Juice'
Mr Jackson arrived at about 0938 (1738 GMT), looking frail as he walked gingerly into the courthouse in what appeared to be blue hospital-issue pyjama trousers as his supporters chanted "innocent".
He denies 10 charges including child abuse and false imprisonment.
He said not to tell anyone about the Jesus Juice and said this is like a testimony that we'll be friends forever
Gavin Arvizo
Michael Jackson's accuser
If found guilty he could face a 21-year prison sentence.
Gavin Arvizo, a cancer survivor who was 13 when the abuse he alleges took place, in February and March 2003, described in detail how he was molested.
He said he and Michael Jackson were in bed together and that, after asking the boy lots of questions about sex, Mr Jackson had put his hand down Gavin Arvizo's pyjama bottoms and touched him.
The boy told the court that the experience felt weird and that Mr Jackson tried to comfort him as Gavin felt bad about it.
Gavin also described how he had consumed various kinds of alcoholic drinks - including vodka, wine and brandy - with the star.
Secret drinking
He said they were frequently drunk from fizzy drinks cans.
Describing his introduction to wine Gavin said, "He said, 'You know how Jesus drank wine, well, we call it Jesus Juice'."
Gavin said he thought that the liquid he sipped tasted "ugly".
He said that on one occasion after drinking alcohol with Mr Jackson, he had been given an expensive watch and told to keep their drinking secret.
"He said not to tell anyone about the Jesus Juice and said this is like a testimony that we'll be friends forever".
On Wednesday, Gavin told the court he had slept in Mr Jackson's bedroom where they watched internet pornography together.
The boy said the singer had suggested that he spend the night at his Neverland Ranch, and get permission from his parents - which he did.
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