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Monday, March 07, 2005

China News : China Tough on Taiwan But Plays Down Threat to World, ( Breaking News,Kerala news, India News,Us,UK,Kerala Shopping,Onam Special, Kerala

China News : China: China Tough on Taiwan But Plays Down Threat to World
24 Hours,28 minutes Ago

[China News]: BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing struck a hawkish tone on Taiwan on Sunday but sought to calm jittery nerves over his country's growing global clout, saying China was not a threat to anyone.

Disputes with the United States and Japan should be resolved through dialogue, Li said but made clear China would brook no interference in its drive to reunite with Taiwan, the self-governing island it claims as its own.

Japan and China are at odds over everything from territorial claims to lingering wartime resentment, and Beijing's human rights record and weapons proliferation are perennial issues with Washington. But last month both Japan and the United States listed security in the Taiwan Strait as a common concern.

"Any practice of putting Taiwan directly or indirectly into the scope of Japan-U.S. security cooperation constitutes an encroachment on China's sovereignty and interference in internal affairs," Li told a news conference during the annual parliament session.

"The Chinese government and people are firmly against such activity."

This year's parliament session is being dominated by an anti-secession law, certain to be ratified, that will codify China's policies toward Taiwan and may provide a legal basis for an attack if it declares independence.

The law has caused alarm over the prospect of heightened tensions in the Taiwan Strait. The United States, which has pledged to help defend the island, fears being drawn into a potential conflict that would compromise its interests in China.

But Li stressed that its purpose was to promote peaceful reunification and he played down concerns that China's growing economic might would lead to belligerent diplomacy.

"It is a very small number of people who are still advocating China as a threat. The theories those people spread are unfounded and unscientific," said Li, pointing out that U.S. defense spending last year was 18 times that of China.

Li, a fluent English-speaker and former ambassador to the United States, also said China's appetite for oil to feed its booming economy would not lead to a rise in crude prices.

"China is not only a big energy consumer, but also a premier producer. China's demand can be mainly met by its domestic resources," he said.

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