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Thursday, February 03, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Star Trek spin-off TV series axed

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Star Trek spin-off TV series axed

Star Trek spin-off TV series axed
Star Trek: Enterprise, the latest TV incarnation of the sci-fi saga, is being axed by broadcaster UPN.

Its 98th and final episode will air in the US on 13 May, after a four-season run which struggled in the ratings.

Presented as a prequel to the original Star Trek television series, Enterprise made its debut in September 2001 starring Scott Bakula.

It followed earlier Star Trek spin-off series The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Mixed response

Set 100 years before Captain James T Kirk and his crew set off on their first mission, Enterprise made its UK debut on Sky One in 2002.

Its opening show featured former Quantum Leap star Bakula taking charge of a new crew and sharing a shower with Vulcan sub-commander T'Pol, played by Jolene Blalock.

On its broadcast BBC correspondent Peter Bowes said: "Some fans may be disappointed by the emphasis on fast action rather than intellectual depth."

The series also received a mixed response from US critics and Star Trek fans.

With the original TV series first broadcast in 1969, Star Trek also spawned 10 movie spin-offs, the most recent being Nemesis in 2002.
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