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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Xinhua - English > Hu: "One country, two systems" is guarantee for Macao's long-term prosperity

Xinhua - English: "Hu: 'One country, two systems' is guarantee for Macao's long-term prosperity 2004-12-19 21:52:00
Hu: "One country, two systems" is guarantee for Macao's long-term prosperity 2004-12-19 21:52:00

MACAO, Dec. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- President Hu Jintao said here Sunday that "one country, two systems" is the fundamental guarantee of Macao's sustained development and its long-term prosperity and stability.

He made the remarks at a dinner given in his honor by the MacaoSpecial Administrative Region (SAR) government.

Hu said Macao's experience since its return to the motherland five years ago proved that the Macao people have the wisdom, ability and means to properly administrate, build and develop Macao.

Hu arrived here Sunday morning to attend a celebration gathering marking the 5th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland and the inauguration of the second-term government of the Macao SAR.

The president said, "We will continue to unswervingly implementthe 'one Country, two systems' principle, unswervingly administrate the Macao SAR in accordance with the law by upholdingthe authority of the Basic Law, and unswervingly support the MacaoSAR government in its efforts to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood and maintain stability, and unswervingly carryout the policy of 'Macao people governing Macao' with patriots playing the dominant role, practice a high degree of autonomy and achieve the broadest unity under the banner of loving the motherland and loving Macao."

Referring to the current situation of the country, Hu said, "This year, we have a fairly good harvest in agriculture. Profits of our industrial enterprises increased substantially. The total foreign trade volume and direct foreign investment is expected to top 1.1 trillion US dollars and 60 billion US dollars, respectively."

The president stressed that all these achievements are attributable to the concerted efforts of all Chinese people including compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao.

He said it is certain that the motherland's on-going reform will provide stronger impetus, greater opportunities and broader horizon for Macao's development.

He said that when the motherland succeeds, Macao is bound to prosper, adding, "We too have full confidence in Macao's future."

The president said he believes that, under the leadership of the Macao SAR government headed by Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Macao compatriots will carry forward the glorious tradition of loving the motherland and loving Macao, work as one to make every undertaking in Macao a success and add brilliant new pages to the history of the great practice of "one country, two systems."

Macao Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah expressed warm welcome to President Hu on behalf of the Macao SAR government.

He pledged to further promote Macao's development in all sectors step by step so as to live up to the expectations of the country, the nation and the people of Macao. Enditem

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