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Friday, September 10, 2004

The Telegraph Online

The Telegraph Online: "Edwards wants Bush to address Guard memos

By KEVIN LANDRIGAN, Telegraph Staff
Published: Friday, Sep. 10, 2004
NASHUA - President Bush should have to explain newly released records that reveal his former Texas National Guard superior was asked to sugar coat performance records after finding Bush failed standards to be a trained pilot, Sen. John Edwards said Thursday.

I think they are reasonable and legitimate questions the White House ought to answer, Edwards said during an interview with The Telegraph.

CBS News released 1972 and 1973 memos Wednesday from Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, who had commanded the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron where Bush served.

In one, Killian wrote that higher-ups wanted him to sugar coat Bush's record after he got suspended from flying for failing performance standards and missing a required physical.

Killian died in 1984.

White House communications director Dan Bartlett said Bush did not take the physical because he was not going to be in a flying capacity while in Alabama working on a congressional campaign.

Those who are trying to read the mind of a person dead 20 years are stretching at best. The president, at every turn, did what he was told to do, Bartlett said.

Edwards said the American people have moved on and already dismissed attacks from a pro-Bush veterans group that Kerry didn't deserve combat medals he received during the Vietnam War and had endangered prisoners of war with his strident protest of the war upon his return.

I think people now having heard so much about it have a sense about John Kerry, his service to the country and his patriotism and what he's done with the rest of his life"


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