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Friday, September 10, 2004

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Genesis data 'retrieved intact'

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Genesis data 'retrieved intact': "Genesis data 'retrieved intact'
Material has been found still intact inside the crashed Genesis space capsule, say Nasa scientists.
Experts said on Friday they hoped the mission to gather solar wind particles could still be largely successful.
'We should be able to meet many, if not all, of our primary science goals,' said physicist Roger Wiens of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Wednesday's crash-landing in Utah has been blamed on a faulty battery.
The precise nature of the particles could tell scientists how the Sun and the planets grew out of a huge cloud of gas and dust 4.5 billion years ago.
Examinations, using torches and a mirror on a stick, revealed that much of the sample canister inside the wrecked capsule had remained intact.
The inner canister contained several disks which had been collecting atoms from the Sun.
Recovery lead engineer on the project, Don Sevilla, said they had some 'serious compromises due to contamination'.
'However, we do have our collectors and there is science to be gained from this cargo,' he added. "

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