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Monday, September 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | Europe | Mass funerals while Russia mourns

BBC NEWS | Europe | Mass funerals while Russia mourns: "Mass funerals while Russia mourns
The entire town of Beslan has turned out for a second day of funerals for victims of the Russian school siege, in which at least 335 people died.
Relatives of the dead wept in the streets as more than 100 victims were buried, while nearly 200 people are still officially missing.
About half of the hostages killed when the three-day siege came to a bloody end on Friday were children.
Two days of mourning are being observed in Russia and flags are at half-mast.
The BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Beslan reported that the town was filled with funeral processions edging towards freshly-dug graves.
There was such a traffic jam in the town centre that some coffins were taken out of buses and carried down the road in pouring rain, he added. "

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