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Thursday, September 02, 2004

BBC NEWS | Europe | Force ruled out in Russian siege

BBC NEWS | Europe | Force ruled out in Russian siege: "Force ruled out in Russian siege
The Russian authorities have ruled out using force to end the siege at a school in North Ossetia.
More than 350 pupils and adults are now said to be held hostage - though relatives say the school in Beslan had about 1,000 pupils in total.
Hundreds of parents spent an agonising night outside the school, and correspondents say they are getting increasingly angry at the lack of news.
President Putin said the safety of the hostages was paramount.
'Our main task is to save the life and health of those who have ended up as hostages,' he said, having cancelled a trip to Turkey to deal with the crisis.
Some of the hostages have reportedly been able to phone home, describing conditions in the school as tolerable. "

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