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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia's Anwar loses court bid

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia's Anwar loses court bid: "Malaysia's Anwar loses court bid
Malaysia's former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has lost an appeal to set aside a conviction for corruption.
The decision, by the country's highest court, means Anwar is prevented from seeking public office until 2008, unless he wins a royal pardon.
A fortnight ago the court overturned a sodomy conviction, allowing him to walk free after six years in jail.
Anwar told Reuters news agency that he was undecided whether to seek a royal pardon to clear his name.
He is currently in Germany recovering from surgery for a back problem he claims was caused by a police beating while he was in custody.
Anwar maintains that the convictions against him were fabricated when he fell out with the country's former leader, Mahathir Mohamad.
Under Malaysian law, convicted criminals are banned from holding public office for five years.
His only remaining route of appeal is a royal pardon. "


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