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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Fears mount over Asian bird flu

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Fears mount over Asian bird flu: "Fears mount over Asian bird flu
A Thai woman who recently died of bird flu probably caught the disease from her daughter, the government has said.
If true, she would be the first person in the latest outbreak to get bird flu from another human rather than birds.
A case of human-to-human infection would renew fears that bird flu may one day combine with human flu to create a more deadly version of the disease.
But officials said this was likely to be an isolated case, and the WHO said it posed no 'significant' public risk.
Klaus Stohr, head of the WHO's global influenza programme, said the latest case was possibly another example of a 'non-sustained, inefficient, dead-end-street, human-to-human transmission'.
But he said the WHO was still concerned in case the case was the beginning of a more widespread transmission.
Family struck
Pranee Thongchan, aged 26, died of the H5N1 bird flu virus on 20 September, shortly after her daughter is believed to have died of the same illness, Thailand's Ministry of Public Health said.
Principally an avian disease, first seen in humans in Hong Kong, 1997
Almost all human cases thought to be contracted from birds
Isolated cases of human-to-human transmission in Hong Kong and Vietnam, but none confirmed

The daughter, Sakuntala, was cremated before tests were conducted, so it will never be known for certain that she had the virus.
A statement from the Public Health Ministry said Pranee Thongchan: 'either contracted the virus from the environment in the village where the chickens died, or from the sick daughter who she was taking care of very closely at the hospital for a long period of time'. "

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