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Monday, September 13, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Hurricane Ivan bears down on Cuba

BBC NEWS | Americas | Hurricane Ivan bears down on Cuba: "
Hurricane Ivan bears down on Cuba
Hurricane Ivan has strengthened as it heads towards Cuba after bringing destruction to the tiny Cayman Islands.
Southern Cuba has been feeling the first effects of Ivan's winds, and the island's western tip is expected to take the full force later on Monday.
Meanwhile, the low-lying Cayman Islands have reportedly suffered enormous damage, with large areas under water.
Governor Bruce Dinwiddy said thousands of homes had lost their roofs and that key government buildings had been hit.
He described the damage as 'very, very severe and widespread'.
Reuters reported people clambering on to kitchen counters and roof tops as waist-high storm surges aided by 160mph (260km/h) winds swept across the island.
The US National Hurricane Center said Ivan had strengthened to the most dangerous category five level as it moved from the Cayman Islands on to Cuba.
At 0300 GMT the eye of the storm was said to be 175 miles (285km) south-east of Cuba's western tip, moving at nine mph (15km/h). "

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