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Friday, September 10, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Hurricane bears down on Jamaica

BBC NEWS | Americas | Hurricane bears down on Jamaica: "Hurricane bears down on Jamaica
Heavy rains and high winds are pounding Jamaica - heralding what is expected to be a devastating hurricane.
The authorities have urged 500,000 people to evacuate coastal areas, to escape the worst of Hurricane Ivan.
It has already left a massive trail of damage in the Caribbean, killing at least 26 people, mostly in Grenada.
Ivan is bristling with 145mph (230km/h) winds. It is being rated as category four, on a scale of five, but could gain strength as it nears Jamaica.
'We have to prepare for the worst case scenario. Let us pray for God's care,' said Prime Minister PJ Patterson, pleading for people to evacuate to special shelters.
Officials said only a few hundred people had so far gone to the shelters.
At 1800 GMT the hurricane - dubbed Ivan the Terrible by Jamaicans - was about 85 miles (140km) south-east of Kingston, the US National Hurricane Center said. "

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