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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

BBC NEWS | Africa | Oil workers threatened in Nigeria

BBC NEWS | Africa | Oil workers threatened in Nigeria: "Oil workers threatened in Nigeria
Foreign workers in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta have been warned to leave the region by a local militia.
The group said foreign oil companies must cease production or face 'all-out war' from 1 October.
The militia says it is fighting for the liberation of the Ijaw people. Local authorities say they merely oil thieves and dismiss their threat.
Nigeria is the world's seventh largest exporter of oil, but 70% of the population live in poverty.
Fears of the Nigeria unrest spreading were one reason why oil prices have reached a record high of more than $50 a barrel, traders say.
But a spokesman for Shell, the biggest oil company in Nigeria, said the firm was undeterred by the threat.
'We are not in any way moved by the threat. We believe the Nigerian security forces are equal to the task of safeguarding oil installations and protecting workers,' said Don Boham.
Anyone who assists the Nigerian state to make money in Ijawland will be... targeted
Militia leader Dokubo Asari

Dokubo Asari, the leader of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force, told the BBC that all foreign nationals should withdraw from the region with immediate effect.
He said his group would not take responsibility for any harm that befalls a foreigner after his release of a communique threatening to escalate violence.
He added that expatriates - who in this region are predominantly oil workers - could only return when fundamental issues of resource control and self-determination had been resolved.
Fighting intensified
Dokubo Asari took to the creeks of River State earlier this year, and hundreds of people have died in the subsequent clashes with the police, navy and rival gangs."

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