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Monday, August 02, 2004 > British targets in al-Qaeda bombing plot

British targets in al-Qaeda bombing plot: "British targets in al-Qaeda bombing plot

Key points
� British security forces on alert for al-Qaeda attacks
� Alarm comes after terror group member is interrogated
� US also increases vigilance

Key quote
This is not the usual chatter. This is multiple sources that involve extraordinary detail. Everyone that has reviewed the sources has concluded this was as reliable a group of sources as we have ever seen before.' - Tom Ridge, US homeland security secretary

Story in full BRITAIN'S security forces were yesterday put on 'heightened readiness' for a potential terrorist attack, after detailed al-Qaeda plans to attack UK targets were uncovered.

The plans, discovered by Pakistani and CIA intelligence officers interrogating an al-Qaeda member in Pakistan, were considered credible enough for the US authorities to step up their threat warnings and reinforce security around banks and financial institutions in New York and Washington. "

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