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Thursday, August 05, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Franks predicts long haul in Iraq

BBBC NEWS | Americas | Franks predicts long haul in Iraq: "Franks predicts long haul in Iraq
The US general who led the invasion of Iraq says he believes foreign troops may have to remain in the country for a further three to five years.
Retired General Tommy Franks told BBC's Newsnight programme he believed that would be the time it took for Iraqis to take full control of their country.
He said US-led troops would have to stay in Afghanistan for a similar amount of time.
But he said that did not mean troop levels would have to remain as high.
'I think in Iraq the total process, until Iraqis are as firmly and fully in charge of their country as they would want to be, is three to five years,' he told Newsnight. "

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