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Thursday, July 22, 2004 | True Ozarks | Guards left Berger alone, sources say | True Ozarks | Guards left Berger alone, sources say: "Guards left Berger alone, sources say
Ex-security adviser reportedly told monitors to violate rules as he took breaks, took files.

By James Gordon Meek
New York Daily News

Washington - Former national security adviser Sandy Berger repeatedly persuaded monitors assigned to watch him review top-secret documents to break the rules and leave him alone, sources said Wednesday.
Berger, accused of smuggling some of the secret files out of the National Archives, got the monitors out of the high-security room by telling them he had to make sensitive phone calls.
Guards were convinced to violate their own rules by stepping out of the secure room as he looked over documents and allegedly stashed some in his clothing, sources said."

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