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Saturday, July 17, 2004

The New York Times > Washington > U.S. Is Readying Review Panels for Cuba Base

The New York Times > Washington > U.S. Is Readying Review Panels for Cuba Base: "July 17, 2004
U.S. Is Readying Review Panels for Cuba Base

WASHINGTON, July 16 -Moving at what officials acknowledge is extraordinary speed, the Pentagon may begin special military hearings by the end of next week allowing prisoners held as unlawful combatants at Guant�namo Bay, Cuba, to try to convince a board of officers that they are being wrongly detained.
At the same time, law firms enlisted by civil liberties groups have been rushing to establish a different route of challenging the detentions, by filing court petitions. By next week, petitions may have been filed in federal court here on behalf of as many as a third of the detainees.
In effect, the two sides are engaged in a kind of undeclared legal battle to decide how the fate of the 594 detainees remaining in Cuba will be determined in light of a Supreme Court ruling issued last month. And both the Pentagon and the defense lawyers evidently believe that they need to move speedily to gain an advantage.
In their decision, the justices held that the federal judiciary's reach extended to Guant�namo Bay and that prisoners there must be allowed an opportunity to challenge their detention before a judge or other 'neutral decision-maker.'' "

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