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Saturday, July 17, 2004

China begins war games, eyes Taiwan by 2020

China begins war games, eyes Taiwan by 2020: "China begins war games, eyes Taiwan by 2020
BEIJING: China has kicked off war games simulating an invasion of Taiwan, a Beijing-backed Hong Kong newspaper said yesterday as military chief Jiang Zemin vowed to recover the democratic island by 2020.
China believes Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian will push for formal statehood after winning a second four-year term in March and is preparing for a possible showdown with the island.
The week-long land, sea and air exercises started on Dongshan island off China's southeastern coast in the first half of July after months of preparation, the Ta Kung Pao newspaper said.
About 18,000 troops were taking part in the exercises, which would aim for the first time to demonstrate air superiority in the Taiwan Strait, the newspaper said. "

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