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Monday, July 26, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bloggers go mainstream at US conventions

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bloggers go mainstream at US conventions: "Bloggers go mainstream at US conventions
By Kevin Anderson
BBC News Online in Boston

Journalists will outnumber delegates three-to-one at the Democratic Party convention in Boston this week with 15,000 reporters of various stripes aiming to cover every angle.
The outcome from Boston and the upcoming Republican convention in New York - that John Kerry and George W Bush will be nominated as their respective party's presidential candidate - may be a foregone conclusion, but that will not stop the scribes.
It is true that the main broadcast news networks have been cutting back their coverage for the last 25 years, leaving it to the cable news networks, the internet and public broadcasting to provide comprehensive coverage.
But this year there is a new kid on the news block, with bloggers - those irreverent internet commentators - at the conventions for the first time. "

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