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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Atlanta Journal-Constitution > McKinney flies under radar to win

McKinney flies under radar to win: "McKinney flies under radar to win

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/21/04

Cynthia McKinney stuck to the issues, controlled her tongue and rallied an army of volunteers who fanned out throughout the 4th Congressional District to energize voters. 'This was a truly grass-roots, pounding-the-pavement movement,' McKinney said in a brief TV interview Wednesday. The strategy paid off for the former 4th District representative, who surprised many by defeating five opponents in Tuesday's Democratic primary without so much as a runoff. McKinney won 51 percent of the vote, compared with state Sen. Liane Levetan's 21 percent and former Atlanta City Council President Cathy Woolard's 19 percent."  "She clearly ran a good, strong race and won a decisive victory," said Sherry Frank, executive director of the American Jewish Committee in Atlanta. "Certainly there was no polarizing of the community or divisiveness, as there had been in past campaigns."

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